A Prolific Bettinardi Golf Announces 10 New Putters for 2015

By Rusty Cage

You can't accuse revered brand Bettinardi Golf of resting on their laurels and releasing another conventional line of putters squarely aimed to please their most loyal enthusiasts - although such a line would certainly be a hit.

Following a successful year in which demand grew for Bettinardi's premium putters, the Chicago-based company opted to start the year off by releasing the most diverse and complete line of putters they have ever produced. The new putters, 10 in all, are available for pre-order and will arrive in stores on January 15th. Some of the putters are completely new, while others feature classic Bettinardi shapes that have been refined.

Several of the new models will sport a brand-new face technology called Super-Fly which has an aggressive milling pattern designed to produce a feel that is softer than Bettinardi's Honeycomb Face, but firmer than the F.I.T. Face which has the softest feel at contact.

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